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Analyzing current events and industry trends

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Cornell Current

Cornell Current is Cornell University’s foremost analytically-focused current events & industry trends organization. It was established in the Fall of 2012 by Kwesi Acquay ’14, Rich Horgan ’14, and Vinay Ramprasad ’14.

[Cornell Current] Quick Facts


Cornell Current is an analytically driven organization
  • We stress ability to analyze trends over simply being informed about trends (We are NOT an organization for people to “stay up-to-date on current events” or to “follow the news”)
  • The purpose of Cornell Current is to develop our members into thought leaders on campus, by providing comprehensive training of industry technicals and analytical insight from a range of sectors
We are NOT a business/finance organization
  • While we are a Dyson-sponsored organization (and our members’ strong analytical skill-set can translate to the business world), we are a current events and industry trends organization which incorporates perspective from a wide range of majors
  • E.g. When assessing tech trends, our Tech sector analysts would additionally incorporate in their analysis the specific nuances of  technologies (hybrid cloud v. on-premise, SaaS, etc.)  as opposed to simply including corporate knowledge of major tech companies/transactions
We are NOT a news/publication organization
  • While we do have our website platform (, the sector analysis articles from our analysts are a MINOR part of the full experience
  • Our website is meant to showcase the analysis, insights, and passions from our membership in addition to the insights from faculty, alumni, and professional affiliates who are difference makers in a wide range of industries and are experts in their field. It is NOT a meant to be a summary/substitute for “news”

Cornell Current Value Proposition

  • Become well versed in current events and industry trends
  • Gain analytical tools and technical skills to dynamically analyze trends as they unfold
  • Gain perspective from some of the best experts, professionals, and academics in the world
  • Become part of a first-of-its-kind organization and a thought leader group on campus

Members have taken their Cornell Current experience to the following:
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